Snowden without money?

Noah Rayman writes for that “NSA leaker Edward Snowden has burned through his savings and is almost out of money…”
frizztext: “I’m ashamed that Europe, especially Germany, used Snowden’s courage and moral for free when he described the NSA practice, but not a single European nation offers now a correct asylum. He is a hero like Immanuel Kant or Albert Einstein, Gandhi or Nelson Mandela, fighting for human rights!”
Read more: Edward Snowden: NSA Leaker’s Lawyer Says He’s Almost Out of Money |

“Snowden is a thinker with moral like an Immanuel Kant. It takes time till every country follows his advice – but that’s the fate of thinkers: they have to wait till understanding follows …”

Thinkers have always been treated disrespectfully by the cliques of power rather than honored.


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