Creating A Melody

My banjo is cautiously searching for a melody flying over a chord progression of the guitarist “Hurzel” / Benjamin Förster. I hope you like the music and it helps to relax?


I like to play guitar, but when Wade from Australia added his saxophone to one of my own guitar tracks, later Gernot from Germany added his blues harp, then I noticed, a melody instrument helps flying over troubled water. A melody is like a triumph.
music below: Wade (sax), Gernot (harp); in both tracks me on guitar and Sergio / sdluna from Argentina on bass.

Chatting with Wade (saxophone) I noticed, we were born in the forties. He in the USA, but me in Germany, starting my life in an orphanage. American music helped me to fly high above all those German troubles…

I have to thank Gernot (the blues harp player) that he opened the door for me to wikiloops, where musicians all over the world join for virtual sessions…

third example for the triumph of creating melodies: my friend Luzz added to my guitar and banjo (nearly at the end of the track) via his keyboards a flying saxophone, flying like a bird…


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