Sad Memories

Nolan Turner wrote some lyrics and liked to use my guitar as a background – visit the soundcloud of Nolan Turner

Lyrics, written by Nolan Turner:

You can’t go home no. You can’t go home again.
Those sad memories, sad memories rain…. on down.
So bad well don’t it make you frown.
It’s the same old story. Sad but all too true…..yeah.
Ain’t nothin’, there ain’t nothin’ to do…. no sir.
Sad memories, they’ll bury you.

Musical interlude: Blues Harp by Nolan Turner

It’s a simple lesson. Learn it if you can.
But you gotta stop cryin’, and start breathin’ again.
Start livin’ if you think you can.

You can’t go home, no. Can’t go home again.
Those sad, sad memories just keep rainin’ down… yes sir.
So bad you think you’ll drown.


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