Good Morning Guitar – 2

Daily after breakfast I like to sit on the bench in our kitchen to play one little fingerstyle arrangement on my guitar. And then my cat comes to listen, preferring to rest on top of my Marshall amp. The same procedure we can watch visiting other musicians too:
title=”11/365″ by Guilty–Cubicles / Tia, click on the picture to enter her galleries on Flickr; the photographer Tia comments her shot: “I gave her a bath today so she’s not too happy with me. She knows she’s not supposed to be up on that amp…”
one of my guitar-videos last week:

ranking of my flickr videos, tagged “good-morning”, organized daily by dopiaza
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25 responses to “Good Morning Guitar – 2

  1. Very gentle and calming, Frizz. A nice way to start the day.

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  2. Enjoyed your blues instrumental very much. That’s my kind of blues. Looking forward to more.

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  3. That was really nice bedtime music, Frizz. :)

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  4. It’s obvious your cat has good taste! :-)

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  5. Pat

    Loved your serenade – felt like it was just for me, Frizz. I have long believed that cats receive most of their sensory information through their butts. My cats sat on what I was reading, my projects, and in the middle of the games the kids were playing. Now I find out they also hear music through their butt. Very interesting!

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    • you say butt, I say (using my dictionary German / English) behind, backside, posterior – never mind – it seems cats like to realize vibrations with the whole body not only with their ears – P.S.: when I dance to a rock ‘n’ roll stage show I like to be very near to the big loudspeakers forgetting who I am … next day usually there is a permanent whistling in my ears …

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  6. :-) love image…
    thanks for the music…

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  7. Good tunes…….who did the paintings?

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  8. Smart cat :-) And lovely blues Frizz.

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  9. I thought there was your cat resting at your side on the armchair, hearing you playing the guitar, but then I realize that it is a cute photo of your cat printed on the armchair cushion :D

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  10. Enjoyed your guitar playing before I go to sleep.

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