Special Photo Challenge: Inspiration

The team of “dailypost” asked “Show us photos of yourself doing things that inspire you to blog…” – well I like to play guitar, the music of my generation; after a while I hesitated to sing without thinking about the lyrics. So I decided to start a blog, to discuss the song messages of some decades…
below: me, playing guitar, singing some lyrics with hidden messages

larged sized version of this photo: large sized: frizzguitar 2724×2724
compare some of my wordpress articles about the music of my generation:
take-this-hammer / criticizing-jobsno-matter-how-she-done-itdissatisfied-bluesa bob-dylan-tributeteach-your-children
me on guitar, some fingerstyle instrumentals:

I'm part of Post A Day 2012

found two guys on youtube, they use the same ZOOM digital microphone on a camera tripod like I use for my recordings …

A Better Place from Playing For Change on Vimeo.

link below: me (swing rhythm guitar) and the most talented musician of my friends (all the other instruments):

About frizztext

websites: 1 - my daily wordpress blog "flickrcomments" at FLICKRCOMMENTS, 2 - photo pool at frizztext, 3 - flickr group BLOG IT!, 4 - twitter, 5 - my guitar, 6 - about.me

14 responses to “Special Photo Challenge: Inspiration

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  6. what a nice post! absolutely perfect! z

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  7. Ciao Mister …wonderful Photo!!!!

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  9. Excellent! I was expecting you to add one like this… Music playing :-)

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  10. Dis pragtig. Glad you used your music as example

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