like a pinball in a jukebox

Sometimes I felt like a pinball, whipped through the world by the electrical impulses of the music tracks. Recently, surfing through the internet, I discovered a digital jukebox, featuring all those titles of the sixties, heard during my first lessons in the dance school: For 1960: Save the last dance for me, DriftersAre you lonesome tonight, Elvis – At last, Etta James – Cathys Clown, Everly Brothers – Georgia on my mind, Ray Charles – I’m sorry, Brenda Lee – Only the lonely, Roy Orbison – The Twist, Chubby Checker – Will you love me tomorrow, The Shirelles – Wonderful world, Sam Cooke etc. – nowadays, retired, it’s a pleasure to write from the desktop inmidst a luxury of silence about those teenager experiences …
photo by foxysangels143 / annie laurier, sent to my group BLOG IT – click on the picture to enter her galleries on flickr

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28 responses to “like a pinball in a jukebox

  1. Dear Frizz!!!
    I am so happy…The nº1 for the 8 of November of 1960 was “Georgia on my mind I am now listening to it…It is one of my favourite songs….I was born just 4 years later…

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  2. Those were the days my friend i’d thought would never end ….

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  3. The sound of my youth
    And i love this songs now allways like in this time
    And the ladies from this time
    are in the third youth

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  4. Every jukebox should come with eye candy! Glad you like upchucky.

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  5. i have great memories of juke boxes!

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  6. Oh, how I loved ‘Cathy’s Clown’ and anything Elvis, of course. :)

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  7. These are great tunes! My dad introduced me to that era of music while I was still wearing diapers. For the longest time I thought that was the only type of music that existed. Great music indeed.

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  8. I’m a little too young but love the Drifters and Sam Cooke!

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  9. Amazing flashback isn’t it?
    Someone sent me that link a while back and it plays in the background whenever I am online :-)

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  10. Lovely jukebox indeed… :-) ;-)

    Music, that’s live… :-)

    For me it’s hard to say what kind of music is best
    - it all depends on my mood at the time… ;-)

    Music are like coffee, the taste it changes during the day… :-)

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  11. and we did the twist ….

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  12. Frizz it’s great to have cherished moments of your past to remember. I will certainly remember this November 16 (not the date but the experience) when I personally met Jorge Marin, a Mexican sculptor whose work of art I admire. You can see one of his winged bronze sculptures here

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  13. Ah yes, the old pinball machine – being whipped around, not knowing which path will be your next. A metaphor for life sometimes.

    I remember the small jukebox selection devices that used to be at each table in some restaurants, the ones where you could flip through all the music options. I haven’t seen those for a long time.

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  14. thank you for:
    “… the old pinball machine –
    being whipped around,
    not knowing which path will be your next.
    ..”A metaphor for life sometimes.

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