Story Challenge: Letter “S”

Hi Bloggers! Do you have to share a story or a short reflection tagged with the letter “S”? For example I’ve written about SOLITUDE (read below) and self portraits, about suicide or sugar, Sweden or South Africa, sports or sofas, swords or submarines, sex and sadism, sailships and snow, sky and skype, spirituals or street photography, Swift and Shaw, Spinoza and Schopenhauer, Stargard or Sydney, San Francisco or Santorini, Sisyphus or Sahara etc. – I’m sure you’ll find an own story or a short reflection tagged with “S”! Feel free to add in the comments the link to your personal interpretation of the letter “S”!!!


Solitude is a typical topic of photography and art, psychology and philosophy. Maybe it is a part of wishful thinking in overcrowded cities? A nearly surreal attitude to criticize modern societies? But there will be no way back! Lost paradises…
House on the Drina River / Kućica na steni / Stenčica
title=”House on the Drina River / Kućica na steni / Stenčica – photo by Iris (Irene Becker), click on the picture to enter her galleries on Flickr
“S” Photo Archive + “S” Challenge + “S” Galleries + ABC visualized: S! + Solitude

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82 responses to “Story Challenge: Letter “S”

  1. Incredible. That is one way to get “away” from it all. Gorgeous view.

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  3. Beautiful image of solitude, ft. :)

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  5. Oh Frizz, that photo is simply gorgeous. That is exactly how I picture ‘solitude’ to be. Very soothing photograph.

    Our contribution this week in GatheringBooks showcases our Featured Photographer’s (Blanche Berzamin-Acabado) “Sunset” photos. Here’s the link:

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  6. WOW! What a stunning picture!

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  7. Beautiful snapshot of solitude. And speaking of solitude, here’s a poem I wrote in tribute to the author of the song Solitude, none other than Duke Ellington. Savoy Faire is a not so very oblique reference to the famous Harlem nightclub and to the Harlem Renaissance/Jazz era.

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  9. ‘hahaha’ this little tiny island is smaller than the island where I was born… :-) ;-)

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  10. kz

    gorgeous photo!

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  12. It’s a great shot as always.

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    • I wanted to meet you in the ZEITCAFE in Cologne
      – but then my wife needed our car for a sudden drive to Berlin –
      I hope you are not angry and we nevertheless continue to have a good contact via internet!

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  14. Genial!!!!
    Here is my contribution….Well….Sigh´s contribution!!!
    Enjoy it!!!

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  15. I love that photo, and a bit of solitude now and again.

    I’ve written a few ‘S’ posts, here they are:

    This one’s about a scarecrow festival in Coimbra, Portugal

    This is about the town of Santa Comba Dão in Portugal

    And this is part of my Personal A to Z Challenge, S is for Safety

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  17. SUNSHINE makes us SLEEPY –
    - me too: my armchair has little wheels, so I can follow the sun, sitting near the window …

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  19. Wow that is a photo with a story. I’m offering an armchair exploring adventure with old discovered photos:

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  20. Excellent photo– now that definitely is a way to get some solitude. In my most recent post, I also discuss a bit of Solitude and other “S” topics such as Switzerland and Salève.

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  21. Excellent photo to illustrate “solitude”. I want to be there, the landscape looks amazing, a perfect place to admire in solitude.

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  23. Hi Frizz,
    This image is unbelievable! Perfect for ‘S’! I have a link to a post from the archives titled, The ‘S’ Word, which seemed appropriate!

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  25. was taking some shots of this yesterday and just happened to fit the letter

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  26. Lovely words, “..wishful thinking in overcrowded cities” is so true. Awesome image to go with the theme. Here’s my entry for ‘S’,
    Succulents survive..

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  28. Love your photo for this challenge. Here is mine.


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    • thank you for introducing your photo of an interesting Stone Circle!
      “…One of its most striking features is its vantage point overlooking the valley. It is known locally as the “Judge and Jury” as it consists of thirteen stones with a central bolder burial. It is the centrepiece of a complex astronomical calendar, which includes both solar and lunar cycles…”

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  30. Aah, would be great to live in a place like that….for a while :-D I would miss the hustle and bustle and energy of the city!
    Here’s my entry Frizz:

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    • my daughter, an architect, lived some weeks in Buenos Aires and was very excited by the energy of the city (and by the creative lifestyle of the friends who had invited her) – but after a while she left Buenos Aires and wandered to the south till she reached Ushuaia in the very South: to watch some penguins, dolphins and waterfalls …

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  35. Beautiful photo! Quite isolated and peaceful. Hopefully there aren’t many large storms there.
    Here is my entry:

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  36. How beautiful…. such a lonely house!

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  37. Beautiful scenery and house! Would love to have a place like that to just get away

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  38. A few hours after the “deadline”, but I figure I’ll still share with you my “Salty” photo essay… Thanks for the inspiration Frizztext:

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  40. Amy

    Hi Frizz, Sorry about being later. Here is my entry:
    Hope it’s appropriate for the challenge.

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