Travel theme: Leading Lines

Zig Zag we go too often. Not everyone knows to walk the line as Johnny Cash. My hero Immanuel KANT (1724-1804) once wrote: “It is the greatest incumbency of a philosopher and becomes most seldom found anyway to be consistently …” To have persistance: that would be nice. My goals often have been splitted. Maybe if I would avoid the cities, it would be easier not to forget the personal determination?
photo: me and my Dobro guitar, walking the line through my green green grass of home
P.S.: the second (left) line is by my wife Barbara, she walked by my side of course – and then shot the photo!

related: the weekly challenge organized by Ailsa:

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23 responses to “Travel theme: Leading Lines

  1. Great photo, great song!


  2. Wonderful image and song.



  3. …trying to walk our lines best we can… you seem to be doing a fine job. One photo [like the one here] can say alot! BTW nice new blog look / layout!


  4. Gemma

    When I read the title of this challenge, that song came to mind. :-)
    This is one of my favorite shots.


  5. That’s a lovely image of you!


  6. I walk the line is also one of my favourite song, knowing the deeper meaning of it


  7. I love the composition of this picture. :)


  8. Wolfgang Hermann

    wonderful guitar
    fine composition withe green field and the way

    here is another line:


  9. Lovely grasses and lovely lines. I’m sure the photographer was lovely, listening to some lovely music as well.


  10. Maybe someday you’ll pay Ring of Fire?


  11. you look like you could be right in my back yard!


  12. Perfect photo and song for the theme. :)


  13. Tell Barbara she took a splendid photo, frizztext, it’s really lovely. Listening to Johnny walking the line now! xxx


  14. Excellent photo!
    I am a fan of Johnny Cash’s music.
    Although, he had many struggles.


  15. What a clever idea! Compliments to your wife for that superb shot!


  16. Hahaha … I almost put Johnny Cash video myself with my entry. I love his singing, too. I’m glad I didn’t. It fits with your image so much better. I love the green fields wih the guitar playing in front. It looks relaxing and very laid-back. Good entry, Frizz. You are always very creative with yoru challenges.


  17. I love how you manage to work a guitar in so many images



    by AMY: from cheerleaders and ducks to Brooklyn Bridge:
    a wonderful LINES gallery!


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