High Five!

I can’t forget this “HIGH-FIVE”-kitty, once seen in the photo stream of Natasha Ruzynski, Baltimore
title=”‘Sup?” by Natasha Ruzynski, Baltimore – click on the picture to enter her photo stream at flickr
my own cat on top of the cupboard
in our kitchen – no greetings by her!
the German news magazine DER SPIEGEL
published an article about two little tiger babies
adopted by a family in Russia:
notice: cats say “HI!” to each other, rubbing fury head vs. head …
… and do you know the paranoid five-cats-commitee by “I can has Cheezburger”?
“Itteh bitteh makin teh naybors paranoid committeh…”

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15 responses to “High Five!

  1. Cool high- five kitty

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  2. Jackie Paulson

    awe, mine does that, hangs his paws waaaaaaaaaaay off the ledge!!!!! ♥ it

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  3. No….yours seems to be asking ” Where were you?” :-)

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  4. Very nice Streets of London tune you posted on Soundcloud. Found it via your twitter account

    Greetings @cardinalguzman1

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  5. Not only no greeting from your kitty…she does not look like she wants her picture taken!

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  6. Love that ‘high-five’ kitty. Yours definitely does NOT looked amused. ;)

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  7. My two dear kitties are very much like this, in passing on their joi de vivre to me every morning and every evening!

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  8. I love the cats and people with cats

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  9. healthyrecipeecstasy

    I love high-five kitty! One of my cats actually begs and rolls over for food like a dog. I really need to video it one day and share because it so cute!

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  10. I love it! A big high five back at ya, kitty!

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