Weekly Photo Challenge: Dreaming


Late in the evening, when all visitors were gone, I went through the old castle’s chambers, smelling the old wood – trying to listen: if the chairs could tell what they had seen! For example 1403 duke Wilhelm II. of Berg was imprisoned in his own castle by his sons, 1289 the archbishop of Cologne was kidnapped there, 1217 knights departed for a crusade to Jerusalem, though 6000 km far away…
room for dark plans
photo by frizztext; click on the picture to enter his flickr galleries … P.S.: it was not easy to make a long exposure there in the evening hours; flashlight would have destroyed all dreams …
medieval mood 136
or enjoy my slide show:

background guitar: playing myself AIR (“On a G string”)
by Johann Sebastian Bach, BWV 1056 (on electric guitar)
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35 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Dreaming

  1. Wow that’s a great shoot! Well-done for the challenge :)

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  2. Well worth the effort!!!!!! Stunning shot!

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  3. I’ve always wondered if some things that have been around for ages could talk.. Centuries old trees, castles, bridges..

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  4. History…always coming to the begining….always moving unpredictably, in a predictable manner:
    Beautiful shot Frizztext, I love history too!

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  5. Chairs in “The Theater of Dreams”..?

    Great shot with room for imagination… ;-)

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  6. A simply beautiful photograph!

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  8. Amy

    Beautiful slide show! The background guitar was lovely. Thank you!

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  9. So dreamy and beautiful Frizz! One of the best so far.

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  10. Nice shots and thanks for sharing the story briefly!

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  11. frizztext, would you happen to have a background in the arts? Lovely photo and description, by the way!

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  13. Great challenge for the theme. The shadow is impressive.

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  14. Beautiful and unique interpretation! Thank you for the slideshow and your music.

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  15. A really beautiful interpretation, I love it. The warm colours really make it.

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  16. Dreamy photographs :)

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  17. Wonderful shots… I love the light and dark in the shots.

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  18. Oh wow, Frizz, I admire your composition and the way that you could make the most commonplace things appear so intensely dramatic! Very nice!

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  19. Beautiful! I can imagine the difficulty in that exposure. Loved the guitar also.

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  22. great slideshow, great guitar playing, I love Bach!

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  23. Dreamy images! Good job, FrizzText!

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  25. I really enjoyed the slide show and the music.

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  26. Wonderful slide show/music. I especially love your image of the key. Brilliant.

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