A-Z Archive: D Challenge

This week’s topic for our “A-Z Archive” photo challenge: the “D” archive: introduce one photo of your archive with a “D” keyword for example DIALOG (like me) or desert, dog or dandelion, donkeys or darkness, disco dance or distance etc. – I’m sure you’ll find a picture: tag with “A-Z Archive” and put a link on your page to my site, so we’ll get a trackback-list including your post!
photo “D-Archive / DIALOG” by Frizztext, click on the image to enter the flickr photo collection …

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tag: “A-Z Archive
always on Tuesday !!!


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55 responses to “A-Z Archive: D Challenge

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  3. The title is original … Dialog.
    You are unique!
    I see often on flickr photo collection …
    and look at your photos.
    I smile because I always like them very much.
    The world offers many photo opportunities.
    just knowing how to grasp!
    Buon lavoro :-)

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  4. They look like they got more dialogue than most of my colleagues ;)

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  7. Very cool shot. Margie

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  10. Frizz,
    THAT is an awesome shot!
    Here’s mine for this week: ;)


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  12. http://wp.me/p25HJs-52

    The shortlink for my entry. Love, love, love your blog.

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  13. Dark and scarey waters … nice photo

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  14. Perfectly timed photo!

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    • yes, I remember me, standing on a hill of the Greek island Santorini, looking down into the harbor of Thira, waiting for the perfect moment – the speed boats supported a big big cruise ship nearby – and in the background my wife was angrily calling, the dinner was ready …

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  15. Excellent composition – love those patterns in the water :-)

    Here’s my ‘D’…


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  16. Great shot! The boat on the right with the waves around it looks like a stingray.

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  17. super photo frizztext …. was it a chance? Here is my “D” entry http://wp.me/p296YA-19

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  20. Thrilling image. Makes me want to go out there and have some fun… Close to the sea hopefully. Cool photo!

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  21. another point of view, some minutes before:

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  22. Here is mine. DinoMite Dinosaurs http://wp.me/23TG1

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  24. So, Frizz, when ya gonna come up with a cool new badge design for your new A-Z Archive Weekly Photo Challenge? Peeps could paste them to their sidebar, then click on them and link to your blog. I finally learned how to do that! ha!

    Thanks for all you do, my chum.

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  27. Too cool, F.T…
    absolutely incredible symmetry frozen in motion here…

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  29. Your choice for “dialogue” is giving me so much inspiration for a future section of my adult fairtytale series at http://granbee.wordpress.com. Boats passing, sending waves (and waves?) at each other–wonderful. Of course, the masterful capture makes this photo’s message even more powerful!

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