So tired

I’m so tired, please don’t wake me, no don’t shake me, leave me where I am, I’m only sleeping…
my cat and me, having a short siesta
some days before, similar situation, but grandson on cat’s favorite place
two photos via by Barbara Fritze

do you remember the BEATLES songs?

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10 responses to “So tired

  1. straordinaria dolcezza…..



  2. You and I had better sleep for a long time. :wink:


  3. theWomanAtTheWell

    You, Lennon, Cats and Babies, you covered all my favorites! -watw


  4. Northern Narratives

    A nap is a good thing.


  5. The only thing better than a cat sleeping on you, is a baby sleeping on you. Especially if you are listening to the Beatles.
    Pssst, Grampa… the baby is awake.


  6. Nice association, great photos: Looks like everyone got his preferate dish ( to say nothing of desert!) :)


  7. The one with the cat is my favorite. I have cats and they are very calming; although, the baby looks like he is very quiet and calm, too.


  8. theWomanAtTheWell

    Saw this today again and noticed, “Out-of-danger” photo,the words on the sheet music…

    You are even more clever than I realize :-), thank you for this post it is a treasure.-watw


  9. Now, looking at those pictures makes me want to go take a nap. ;-)


  10. A picture is worth a thousand words. What a beautiful story in black and white.


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