Moleskine – still attractive

Which is actually the most important media factor? word, music, photography? Sometimes I suppose, word & music have lost the competition, photography is the winner. Maybe because it is the fastest medium? Transporting complex messages in seconds?
photo by Frizztext
on the photo: famous notebooks by moleskine: – other solutions by paperblanks or Nanu-Nana or Herlitz etc.
though magazines, television and internet are overwhelming us, empty paper still is attractive for us: a chance to find ourselves …
there are exhibitions with very old moleskine books, featuring Vincent Van Gogh and Pablo Picasso, Ernest Hemingway or Bruce Chatwin etc. – but I do not collect them (I’m not rich), I only buy empty moleskine notebooks (expensive in Germany) or cheaper copies by Nanu-Nana, Herlitz etc. – to fix my very own ideas …
my cat Emily trying to understand, what I’m doing with all those paper blanks …

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19 responses to “Moleskine – still attractive

  1. What’s with the moleskin notebooks? Did they send you some? I love them… ;-)


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  3. Moleskine is also popular and famous in our country.The design is cool. :cool:


  4. Da ist ja sogar Deutsche Standard-Kurzschrift in den Notizen? Gelernt hab ich die auch mal, aber nie angewendet.

    Die meisten meiner Texte entstehen bei mir auf dem Papier …


  5. I guess I can understand that…
    I’m a very visual person, so if I have difficulty describing something in a conversation I find myself wanting to make a sketch… :)


  6. I love Moleskine notebooks. I often use sketchbooks of that brand.
    Love your cat :-)


  7. I carry one in my bag at all times….currently mine is hot pink! It is almost time to pick up a new one at my local bookstore.


  8. you cat seems to be lost among them!


  9. Pretty notebooks!!! Truly a house of facts and clever ideas.


  10. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice.
    And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.
    (Steve Jobs)


  11. The writer
    title=”The writer” by LH2O_LA, on Flickr – sent to my group BLOG IT


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  13. I am glad to see that it is not just my cat that sits in the middle of my notebooks!


  14. Yeah but…Ever since when did worshiping money become a religious goal, and in what religion?
    Greed is not a religion, is a sin under all religions. See my confusion?


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