Bicycles around the world

visit the collection of bicycles around the world in my gallery frizztext/galleries: BICYCLES (18 pictures) and more than 100 images in my group CULTURAL BOXES at cultural-boxes: BICYCLES
some photographies, to compare “cultural boxes”:
Final Ride
balancing umbrellas
Snow covered bike in the heart of Amsterdam
Man with bass and dog
Falmouth town
Cycling to work
in my opinion one of my best shots !  (taken in Brügge, Belgium)
New purchase
Bicycle and lady (re-post)
Diallo compound, Ibel, Southeast Sénégal (West Africa)
officially internet-crushworthy
cycling in the rain
Cycling through the rain
balancing musician
lo spettacolo
1 – “Final Ride” (Shanghai) by johey24
2 – “balancing umbrellas” (Calcutta) by rita banerji
3 – “Mercedes + bicycle” (Regensburg, Germany) by Frizztext
4 – “Snow covered bike in the heart of Amsterdam” by Ben Visbeek
5 – “Man with bass and dog” (Amsterdam) by Bart van Dijk (breeblebox)
6 – “Falmouth town” (Jamaica) by Ametxa
7 – “Dutch velocity” (Haarlem, The Netherlands) by frizztext
8 – “Rainy day in Amsterdam” by Bart van Dijk (breeblebox)
9 – Marocco, Sahara: title “Rissani” by Ametxa / Gerardo Amechazurra
10 -”Cycling to work” by Siddhartha
11 – photo taken in Brügge, Belgium by Werner Schnell
12 – “New purchase” by johey24
13 – “Bicycle and lady” by D_m_i_t_r_y
14 – “Diallo compound, Ibel, Southeast Sénégal” by gbaku / John Atherton
15 – “officially internet-crushworthy” by mplsminx
16 – “cycling in the rain” by frizztext, Amsterdam
17 – “Cycling through the rain” by
18 – “Bicicleta” by llanosom
19 – “balancing musician” by Frizztext
20 – “lo spettacolo” by hidden side

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42 responses to “Bicycles around the world

  1. Great. Thanks for showing my picture.

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  2. Nice series of comparisons.

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  3. A good collection of bicycles frizztext.

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  4. How interesting collection.I like the first one because he has strong energy.:)

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  5. thirdhandart

    Some very nice photos! I like number 4 the best – “Snow covered bike in the heart of Amsterdam” by Ben Visbeek. We’re having record setting heat in Missouri, USA right now and the snow looks refreshingly cool. -Theresa

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    • and you had a bad flood caused by the Missouri – though it is not impossible to drive a bicycle through the flood – as I saw on a picture from India:
      “bici-lavaggio” – photo by Monia Sbreni

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  6. What a great collection of bicycles! I love the man with the dog in the basket. He looks like he has his own private joke, or maybe he knows he makes people smile when he goes by.

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  7. Schöne Auswahl der Fahrräder hast Du gemacht. Von mir ist aber keins dabei.
    Schönen Abend

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  8. Gerardo

    Thank you for using my bike pics! Great set-up you have here!

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  9. Awesome photographs! :-)

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  10. Anonymous

    Thanks for featuring some of my photos. Lovely collection. i like esp # 14

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  11. Words do not describe how much I enjoyed this post, bicycles around the world. It is amazing. You know I love to bike as well. If you like, you can stop by my blog and use any one of my images of biking and add to your collection. I would be honored.

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  12. Love It! Super nice. Thanks much. Take care.

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  13. zakpegg

    Just stopping by to say hello on this blog post. This gallery is one of the best for bike photos in one post that I have found. CHEERS

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  14. A great collection of bikes – thanks for the link to your post!

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  15. Indeed, it would! Great post! There were several pictures I liked. I enjoyed the blurry black and white photos of the riders; that’s pretty cool. The man who looked like he was defying gravity with his front wheel on the ground and holding the tire-what do you think he was doing? Hopefully, not falling. The black and red rain jacket looks very practical!

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  17. Harlenberg

    People should not ruin bycicles (such as Lights, tires, brakes, gears, rack) and things (such as clothes, shoe and bag)

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  19. You have the best collection of pictures!

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  20. Wow Frizz! This is a fantastic collection of bicycles. Thanks for sharing…. :-)

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  22. Francine in Pittsburgh made a video in a fine bicycle shop:

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  23. This is a wonderful gallery of bicycles. I LOVE the one with the snow covering it! Thanks for sharing…. :-)

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