Russian Strength

Andrey Shilov – Musician

visit his youtube channel at – he is a professional guitar teacher and concert performer in Ukraine, Dniepropetrovsk – Dniepropetrovsk Conservatory – he studied at the Leningrad Music College + at the East-Ukrainian University in Lugansk and is now a professor in Dniepropetrovsk, National University – Andrey Shilov visited me in Germany and I learned to adore his great discipline and strength. I made some videos, featuring his art. I learned from him, how to be serious helps to overcome bad times. If seriousness does not help anymore, he used to switch over to be humorous. He learned from me how to start a pure photo-pool (he already was on youtube): flickr photo-stream:


enjoy the video, featuring him, playing J.S. Bach; video was produced by me in Germany in my home studio, then uploaded to youtube in Dniepropetrovsk, Ukraine. I am glad that the Iron Curtain melt down – and that the internet connect us weekly …

Andrey Shilov plays “BOURREE” by J.S.Bach in the recital in Hattingen (Germany) 22.07.2010 on newly bought guitar made by Amalio Burguet. Recorded by Dietmar Fritze. Преподаватель Днепропетровской консерватории Андрей Шилов играет “Буррэ” И.С.Баха на концерте в г.Хаттингене (Германия) 22.07.2010

related: a Russian video with topic WAR VS. AFGHANISTAN; though I know, that the guitarist Andrey Shilov is not living in Russia but in the UKRAINE, I always remembered RUSSIAN history when heard him talking in Russian language.

don't worry, be happy
on the right side (blond sax player) -
the refugee from Russia: Juri

I remembered the story, a Russian army officer told me: his unit were killed by Talibans in the war against Afghanistan. All soldiers’ heads were cut off by the Taliban. One helicopter landed and rescued him. Back in Moscow, he refused to serve in the army. So he came to prison. Many years. Germany and Amnesty International bought him free. I met him in Germany. He only played saxophone, to forget the war nightmares…
read the blog of nikolay georgiev kotev – and watch the youtube video there; one guitarist – and many soldiers; clips, making me very sad, shocked …

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13 responses to “Russian Strength

  1. You’ve made some amazing friends in your journey Frizz… :-)


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  4. Andrey

    Thanks very much dear Dietmar!!!
    It was really very enjoyable time I spent with you and your wife Barbara!!!
    Hope to see you again!


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    portrait-photo by Giancarlo Rado


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    portrait-photo of
    Yulia Rudevskaya, 27 anni, ucraina di Kiev, Laurea in Economia all’Università di Kiev, Centro territoriale permanente. Treviso
    by photographer and musician Giancarlo Rado, Treviso


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